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Dealings with Toast

9 May 1987
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The Magnificant Basics

Was named Laura, is currently aged 23 and is denying adulthood

Working as a journalist for tech malarky.

Did lots of media stuff in college. Take that real world skills.

Is open minded about things. That's right, things.

Doesn't associate herself with any political parties as all have let her down one way or another. Still insists on voting, oddly enough.

Loves to travel, seeing new things and getting away from stuff.

Will probably sleep on your couch at one stage or another.

Enjoys indulging her geeky side. Almost too much. Particularly British comedy and drama, American drama, video games, Western and Japanese animation and comics.

Is living in a flat above ground in Dublin.

Is talkative, quiet, likes socialising, is antisocial, give people the benefit of the doubt, ultimately doesn't immediatly trust them, stubborn and neurotic, easy-going and laid back and a whole other bunch of paradoxes that makes the human mind the conundrum that it is.

Is not very good at summing herself up in bullet points, evidently.

Enjoys talking about herself in the third person, however.

Enjoys drawing, writing, building websites, making movies but rarely has time for any of it.

Likes house parties and funtimes with folk who are awesomecakes.

Updates with random events of her life on average once or twice a week, with the odd geeky rant about whatever she's into lately. This journal is Friends Only, however comment on the friends only post and if we have similar interests or you seem nice, you'll probably be added.

Geeky Loves of Old and New
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AngelAzumanga DaiohBack to the Future TrilogyBatmanBattlestar GalacticaBlack BooksBokurano
Buffy the Vampire SlayerCardcaptor SakuraCode GeassDariaDeath NoteDexterDoctor Who
DurararaElite Beat AgentsFather TedFinal Fantasy (particularly 7 and 9)FireflyFruits BasketFull Metal Alchemist
FuturamaGundam 00Gurren LagannHarry PotterHouse MDInvader ZimJohnny the Homicidal Maniac
Love and RocketsMoulin RougeNarutaruNightmare Before ChristmasOldboyOuran High School Host ClubPersepolis
Persona 3Phoenix WrightPreacherPrincess TutuScott PilgrimSkies of ArcadiaSonic
SpacedTales of SymphoniaTransmetropolitanThe Venture BrothersWatchmen